[V8] V8 insurance saga continued (sorry, long again)

Daniel O'Dell daniel_o_dell at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 15 00:38:39 EDT 2005

Greetings listers...

The insurance adjusters have spoken, for now... The V8 is not a total
loss. I'm still in a battle with them though. Here's the dilemma: In
trying to pop the ignition cylinder, the crooks managed to bend down
the drivers side knee bolster right below the ignition key. There is
about a two inch gap where the material is displaced and the metal is
bent. My shop said that the part must be replaced, however, their shop
doesn't even list it on the estimate (the estimator didn't look much
past the gaping hole where the beloved Blaupunkt sat), much less
repairing the existing one.

Here's where I have to decide how much of an A-hole I want to be.
Knowing that this is a knee bolster, and is there for a very specific
purpose, do I stand my ground, and force them to replace the damaged
one with a new one? or should I just let them repair the existing one
and/or replace it with a used one.  If I let them take the cheaper
route, and repair/replace with a used one, do I stand any liability
issues if I sell the car and the next owner gets into a wreck and the
knee bolster doesn't function properly ? What if it happens to me ?
Or if I force them to replace it with a new one, the car will be a
total loss. (the new part costs $991 from Audi)  So many questions, but
now one last one, I'm thinking that whichever direction this insurance
goes, I just might sell the V8, anybody know somebody who wants a
5-speed with 138k, what might this beast be worth to a lister? If
anybody wants details E-mail me and I'll do the best I can.
Thanks again for all of your help.
Daniel O'Dell

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