[V8] Upper strut mounts, front; two versions? What's different?

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Wed Jun 15 20:55:28 EDT 2005

Did the change occur with the change from UFO to G60 brake systems?

At 08:26 PM 6/15/2005 -0400, Miller, Chris wrote:
>I see there is a VIN split, and the later V8 got a different front upper
>strut mount.
>Early V8 up to VIN  4C-M-020 000 and 3B 200q20v (forged)
>441 412 377D
>V8 after VIN 4C-N-000 001*, 100/S4/A6/S6 from '92 on 
>4A0 412 377C 
>One of my older style mounts looks bad; and I have a good early style.
>Any idea of what changed?  Looking at parts, it seems the whole
>design/part number of the upper mounting changed.  I'm planning to pull
>the old one out, and compare it to the good used one I've got (off an
>early V8 I think).
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