[V8] Euro bulbs

Gene Caldwell gene.ghc at verizon.net
Fri Jun 17 00:25:57 EDT 2005

My euros have H4 55/60W and H3 55W and there is plenty of light for USA 
legal speeds.  If you want to go higher wattage you should install 
relays.  Heck, you should do the relays anyway as it will make the 
lights brighter.  I believe Stern makes a good case for relays somewhere 
on his website.  I think the 9000 series bulbs are for DOT lamps & sockets.


Coleman, David wrote:

>I have euros in but no bulbs.  Are they something I can get from <gasp>
>pep boys or some similar place?  I really just need a temporary stand-in
>to drive the car a short distance.  They seem to have a huge selection,
>but I'm not sure of the nomenclature.  I saw someone mention "95/1100W
>KQCL / 9006/80w KQCL" for high/low.  Is that an industry standard?
>OR -- could someone point out what it is I need here:
>Thanks in advance gents.

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