[V8] V8 bits available

diemarthadie at aol.com diemarthadie at aol.com
Fri Jun 17 14:19:11 EDT 2005

In case anyone has a GREY interior with needs ...
I have the following from a 1991 V8 available and taking up space in the garage:
* all 4 interior door panels (drivers is kinda dirty but might shine up).  3 with the doors still attached :(
* center console with wood trim
* dash cover pad
The doors are black, but all of them are beat, so I'm gutting them for the parts - my car has a black interior so anything grey is up for grabs...  the rest of the interior is already parted and placed in other cars or the dumpster.  If you need a critical bit let me know as I may know the dumpster and be able to put you in touch with him ;)  The seats MAY be available still...
I also have a complete bumper inner (no plastic cover) that is straight and clean... and heavy... if you need one, I'd rather not keep it in my garage.  You'd probably want to come to Baltimore to get that one though... shipping would kill you.
Please help me make space :)

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