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urq urq at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 23 03:09:38 EDT 2005

... I recently purchased a set of Goodyear Assurance "TripleTred" tires.  I 
don't know why I chose them, I think it was the extended wear rating and 
some of the reviews I read were pretty positive especially as compared to 
the other tires I was looking at.  From my POV right now the jury's still 
out ... but I do still need to get the strut inserts and shocks replaced and 
alignment adjusted ... What would be great would to be able to swap several 
sets of new tires on the car in close succession ... there's always so much 
difference between old worn tires and new ones.  Right now neither the wife 
nor I are really pleased with the performance ... the ride is very good, but 
the tires seem "flimsy" and don't respond as I would prefer to steering 
changes.  I don't seem to notice it as much now that a couple weeks have 
passed, I don't know if the tires are getting settled in or I'm not noticing 
as much.  It really did not seem that there were many tires available that 
really mactched my desire for all weather good handling tires that will fit 
the car ...

BTW, I just got the new cats for #344 today ... perhaps I'll post up on that 
here soon ... but hopefully I will soon be able to do some A-B comparison 
between these and a 3/4 worn set of Michelin Pilots ... if I can get the 
Audi Gods on my side against the smog nazis ... wish me luck!  :-)

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

PS - I was going to post a followup on the Monty Python thread, but thought 
an off topic note might be better handled as a PS to a more useful post.  If 
there are any Monty Python fans ... especially fans of the "Holy Grail" ... 
check out:


>I am wondering what you guys think of the Goodyear Comfortred tires? I am 
>considering getting them due to the "quietness" but it would be nice to 
>know what you guys think and any of you that have perhaps owned them.

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