[V8] Fwd: [V6-12v] just bought a 93 100csqa....

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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You can put a V8 in anything :-) The question is how much time and money are 
you willing to spend, and what results do you want? It will obviously fit, 
as the S6 plus had a V8 in it, and used the C4 chassis. You will obviously 
need all the mounting and cooling off the V8, and probably the trans as 
well. Not sure how it will fit, but I'd worry about the 100 trans for torque 
handling abilities. THen again, maybe it would hold up fine. Anyhow, aside 
from that, should be easy :)

Tony Hoffman

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> can i put a v8 in here ? :)
> Mike,

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