[V8] Engine Runs a Little Hot

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Mon Jun 27 10:37:41 EDT 2005

I don't know the logic for the fan control; assume it uses a resistor
pack to vary speeds?

I assume the electric cooling fan should run low speed whenever the car
is on, with the climate control in any mode using the compressor (older
cars that's not OFF or ECON, newer style with A/C snowflake)????

After replacing the fuse, make sure the fan comes on when it should.
Probably should find the radiator mounted switch and jumper it to make
sure the higher speeds come on.


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At the front of the hydraulics system reservoir there's a small black
If you open the lid on the box, you'll see what's called a fusible link
running between two screws.  You want to BE SURE that link is intact.
Don't just look.  Either test with a meter or take out one of the screws
to be certain the strip is in one piece.  They're usually under a dollar
from the stealer.  It's an 80-amp fuse.  Or you could replace it with
one of those holders that hold a blade-type fuse and get an 80-amp fuse
for that.
The fusible links tend to deteriorate with age.

At 10:11 AM 6/27/2005 -0400, daves745t at optonline.net wrote:
>I'm hoping you guys can give me some suggestions - now that the days 
>are hotter I'm noticing that my 90 V8Q is too.
>This is the first summer I've owned her so I don't have a benchmark on 
>operating temp.  Thus far, when she is fully warmed up the temp needle 
>is about a width or two to the left of the 12 o'clock position (just 
>under 100 degrees).
>When the engine is under load and then I come to a stop or if I'm 
>sitting at a red light the temp needle begins to creep up.
>It usually doesn't get past maybe 105 degrees and almost any forward 
>movement brings it back down very quickly
>However, now that we've had a string on 90+ degree day here in NJ, the 
>engine temp has got me concerned as it has crept to  110 and even a 
>little more.  I get no warnings or alarms from the V8, but clearly it 
>should not be getting that high based  on what I've read here.  The 
>thermostat was changed with the timing belt, the radiator fluid is the 
>good 'red stuff' at the proper level.
>  Should I here the electric fan kick on? Because I don't think I have,

>but then again I haven't stood there with the hood open and looked.
>Any thoughts? Thanks as always.
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