[V8] Re surge and limp mode Andy Schor

Andy Schor walbum at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 29 15:16:28 EDT 2005

This seems to be plausible, but how was the MFTS out of adjustment?  We 
checked (removed boot and re-attached the contacts) the connector for the 
IAT sensor, ISV and TPS.  I still think the 'gremlin' is in there somewhere. 
The car starts fine when cold, iffy when warm.  I have tried turning the key 
off then back on, this sometimes works.  Yesterday I turned the key and got 
the limp mode (CEL on), tried several off/on cycles but got the light every 
time.  I drove (limped) off and tried the off/on while stopped at a traffic 
light.  Third try, it fired up with no CEL, drove fine the rest of the way 
home.  I don't know how else to explain it.  It seems that as it goes 
through the 'start cycle' it decides whether or not to give me a hard time.


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>I had a problem very similar to yours and it took a long time to track down 
>but it ended up that the multifunction switch was slighlty out of 
>adjustment after warm restarts especially it would go into limp mode 
>usually it would go away by stopping and restarting until one day it would 
>not start at all. This situation sent many eroneous codes to my mechanic. 
>Well my .02 , cheers George

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