[V8] Oil pan gasket - Tips?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 30 01:41:20 EDT 2005


I did the oil pan gasket on mine, and there are a couple of things to make 
sure it doesn't leak. Whenever an oil pan or steel valve cover is torqued, 
it actually is designed to bend just a bit. When removed and preping for 
re-install, you should put a ball peen hammer on the gasket side of the oil 
pan and use another to hit it. This removes the small dent that the bolt 
created. If you don't do this, you will be torquing on the bolts before 
there is proper contact on the gasket.

Also, you can use silicone on it. I didn't, but you can nonetheless. The 
bolts can be torqued any way you want. The pan is not rigid, so it doesn't 

And, yes, you might just have a leak from the oil filter change.

Tony Hoffman

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OK, there is an oil leak near the oil filter and that corner of the oil sump
pan looked pretty wet, so I bought a new OEM paper gasket (~$30).
 Any tips for installing it? Do I need to 'wet' it with anything? Fresh oil?
I assume you want to torque all 599 bolts in a cross pattern, eh?
 The other source of the leak could be the oil filter itself. 

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