[V8] sunroof problems

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Thu Jun 30 18:09:32 EDT 2005

When I replaced ALL the wiring except the speaker wires in my 200q20v
driver doorjamb, I found a couple broken off wires, several with insulation
and some of the wires breaking and almost all with signs of the insulation
starting to break down.  I tried someone's neat approach of using  AMP
connectors on both ends, but I couldn't get the pins and receivers to all
line up perfectly while trying to put the connectors together.  I even used
an AMP crimper to make the connections, but they just wouldn't stay lined
up in the connectors for me.  So I ended up using all the wires I'd used to
make the harness and just hooked 'em all up one by one.  Next time, I'll
have a bunch of wires cut (there are three sizes of wire in that area, by
the way, and just clip/pull one, install the new and so on.  One at a time.
 It'll be a project, but not as bad as some wiring on these cars.

At 09:39 PM 6/30/2005 +0000, justin.bowers at comcast.net wrote:
>Thanks for the response Kneale.
>I'm assuming it wouldn't be as simple as looking at the wiring (the break is 
>likely within the sheath I'm guessing).  So essentially it will require that 
>I replace the all the wiring between the inside of the drivers door and the 
>> Wiring in the driver doorjamb.  Believe it or not, the sunroof electrics
>> share something with the wiring to the window switches in the driver
>> armrest, so when the driver doorjamb wiring starts to break down, the
>> sunroof doesn't want to operate either.  On my 200q20v, when that was
>> happening, I sometimes could get the sunroof and windows to operate if I
>> opened the driver door partway.
>> At 08:32 PM 6/30/2005 +0000, justin.bowers at comcast.net wrote:
>> >Hi all,
>> >
>> >My sunroof has become very tempramental and I thought one of you might
>> >the fix.
>> >
>> >Essentially it works "occasionally", and just because it open's on those 
>> >rare occasions, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will close.
>> >
>> >So far, I have replaced the switch, and I've tried a different motor and 
>> >relay, with no improvement.
>> >
>> >Any thoughts on what it might be and the remedy?
>> >
>> >Thanks in advance,
>> >
>> >Justin

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