[V8] sticky rear brakes

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Mar 1 18:11:09 EST 2005

Looks like I have the beginnings of a stuck caliper on the RR wheel. The rotor
does not appear to be damaged yet - I only noticed the problem because as I was
going skiing last weekend, the E-brake handle felt kinda funny.
When I got to the mountain, the RR wheel was hot while the others were cool.
I got home and parked it.
So far I only have the wheel off - but it looks like I just remove the two slide
pin bolts to get the caliper off?
What is the trick to compress the caliper without the special tool?

I am going to assume that it is just the slides that are sticky and just order a
bolt kit and some new pads. I really hope the e-brake cable is OK - it does not
look fun to replace that thing.


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