[V8] First time lister with many questions

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 8 18:17:50 EST 2005

Gabe, comments follow,

> 1) Is there any relation to the tranny having difficulty shifting out of 
> third and any of the aforementioned problems?
> 2) Does anyone know what causes the car to try to lunge at low speeds when 
> brake is depressed? Idle is fine when i put it in nuetral so i figure it 
> is probably related to the tranny.

I believe you have a sticking solonoid. Not sure which one, though. Some of 
the other listers have more experience with this.

> 3) Any suggestions on what these tranny guys messed up by lowering the 
> tranny down, so i can tell them how to fix and start driving my car agian?

Check the distributor caps. They are suspect in the area when the back of 
the engine is lowered.

> 4) Any suggestions on my stereo perils?

The whine should be fixed with a noise filter in the power line going to the 
"do-dad". Then, check the speaker connections going to and from that unit. 
If they look suspect, replace them. I solder mine, to ensure a good 

> 5) Do i need a new steering rack or is this a problem that can be fixed 
> w/an adjustment?

Might be an adjustment. Have you had the car aligned? There is no "play" 
adjustment like on the old recirculating ball cars, but the alignment might 
fix it.

Tony Hoffman 

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