[V8] H&R Group Buy -- UFO alert

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Wed Mar 9 11:58:51 EST 2005

> That was the number I came up with, too, when i researched 
> breifly (based on Blau parts).  However, I also remember 
> hearing that several S car guys use V8 H&R's because they 
> were stiffer than the S car H&R's, which then doesn't make any sense.

Makes no sense to me either, at this point.  Scott M. pointed out a
weblink to a supplier of Intrax springs
as well, which further supports the urS-car and V8 sameness.  Also
supports the UFO/Non-UFO interchangeability as far as the V8 goes, but
they show a different application for the 200 20v as well.   As far as
these go, I do like the progressive construction, but they don't seem to
help the handling beyond the physics of actual lowering.

> Huh.  Don't know why I need them, the V8 has almost no ground 
> clearance as it is.  But it would be *coooooler*.

IMHO, these cars do look much better dropped down a tad, moreso on cars
with bigger wheels and less tire sidewall, which tends to make the
wheel/fender gap more obvious.

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