[V8] H&R Group Buy -- UFO alert

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Wed Mar 9 13:52:22 EST 2005

That's what I am running on my car, and I like the setup. 


- Jeremy

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Any experience, Keith or others, with combining the Konis and the H&Rs?  I'm kinda hoping I could kill 2 birds with one stone, but not find that stone inside the oil pan later ;)

90V8 auto

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>David.Coleman at blackrock.com writes:
>> Carter, I believed this to be correct as well -- however, various
>> suppliers show only one spring choice for the V8, claiming the same
>> number for both UFO and G-60 cars (including the urS-cars), but are
>> different than those for the 200.
>> The setup I am looking at is the H&R Sport Springs, #29921.  Anyone who
>> could confirm the interchangeability of UFO and G-60 V8 springs is asked
>> to do so.  Otherwise I would say this GB might exclude UFO-equipped cars
>> lest I be stoned to death.
> All Type 44 and C4 chassis cars share the same spring design, front and 
>back, including fwd models. The only variable is the spring rate. (determined by 
>wire diameter and # of turns)
> H&R's standard model V8 spring will work just fine in all V8's. Using a 3.6 
>auto car as the baseline, a 4.2 car might sit maybe an 1/8th inch lower in the 
>front while a manual car might sit an 1/8th higher.
> The S4/6 is close enough in weight to a V8 5 spd that its also not an issue. 
>Installing them on a 200q will result in slightly less lowering with a 
>slightly firmer feel, I have V8 H&R's in my personal 89 200q. I have also installed 
>them in a 93 100CSqAvant with good results.
> 2 issues.....you should always do a strut/shock swap, to a type designed for 
>lowered cars, when lowering. Failure to do so will ensure you will be doing 
>it soon after....of course when depends on the current condition of your 
>existing struts/shocks and how long you can stand bashing your cats/mufflers/oilpan 
>into pavement on rough roads.
> Some don't like how low the rear of V8's and S-car's sit with H&R's. ECS has 
>a $25 fix for those cars that also have Bilstien Sport shocks in the rear. 
>Check their website under S4/6 models for details.
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