[V8] Replaced FPR but now...

Frankie Rossi frankie.rossi at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 02:24:02 EST 2005

I had a few questions on other small issues. First, my engine seems to
overheat easily. It doesnt quite reach the 100C mark, but it also only
does it after city driving. Especially when the AC is running. This
wasnt a big issue before, but it is doing it more often the last two
weeks. At first i thought i was low on coolant, but that doesnt seem
to be the case. I have no idea if the electric fan is working when im
driving or if the AC is on, but ill check that this weekend. Also,
since i replaced the FPR, things are running awesome. But when doing
calculations, i still only get like 14MPG average. Thats horrible! I
am going to give it one more fill up before i start to worry, but any
ideas as to what could be causing that?

Also, one last issue is, my car starts up and idles fine, but i have
to crank it for a few seconds before it starts up...i put some techron
concentrate in my tank last night (love that stuff) and it seems to
help a little bit, but havent had to start it very many times...why
would i have to crank for a few seconds otherwise?

Thanks guys!

Thanks so much,

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