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Carter Johnson carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 08:10:53 EST 2005

For those of you who know German, it's a bad thing. 
It's really bad in Germany.  Someone backed into my 93
over the weekend - starting at the front of the front
wheel well, backed all the way to the front - must
have been moving at a decent clip.  Luckily, they
drove off, leaving a crease in the fender, scratched
bumper cover and fender, and a broken corner light.  I
managed to epoxy the light back together
(miraculously, the lens didn't crack but just
seperated from its backing) and buffed out most the
the scratches, but the crease and lack of paint remain
in a few areas...

My friend, whose house I was over when this happened,
confirmed that the reddish paint that I was buffing
out came from the neighbor's Camry.  I'm not going to
press charges, because the damage is so insignificant
and it would leave me carless for some time.  However,
I think I'll kill their dog.

Seriously, anyone have any luck getting Ragusa touch
up paint?  If so, source? 


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