[V8] Dumping Fuel

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Mon Mar 21 12:47:44 EST 2005

Those who haven't seen the thread and wish to can check the archives
under the subject starting on the 10th.

The owner says Muchas Gracias for the lists help.

Seems like the problem was solved, and just about everyone was right this
time around.  The brand new Fuel Pressure Regulator (Steve B gets a
ceegar) was sputtering raw gas out the vacuum line when the fuel pump
relay was jumped.  Had him put the old FPR in....and the car runs fine.

So, here's what we figure must have happened, he had a stuck injector,
replaced Fuel Pressure Regulator with bad unit, open injector + bad FPR =
raw gas out the exhaust and clouds o stench.  He replaced the injector,
but the New FPR turned into the new culprit, and was dumping into the
same cylinder that had the bad injector.

I think the bad injector may also have saved the flywheel, he says the
oil is very contaminated with gasoline, best I can figure is that the
diluted oil kept the engine from getting full compression and causing the
Alfred E Neuman syndrome.  I've told him to do a compression check now
that he's changed the oil.

That's my take on what must have happened, the "new" FPR must have been
sitting on a hot shelf for a decade or so.  I'm sending him a new one,
wonder what the dollar to chicken exchange rate is ;-)


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