[V8] Brake Accumulator and Rearend Shudder

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Mon Mar 21 19:07:58 EST 2005

I agree, Scott is a heck of a guy.  His website is top notch, as is his
prices and customer service.

My guess is that your ABS sensors at the wheels need adjusting /
cleaning.  I dug though my archives and found the following:

Kneale says:
The sensors just push in to a stop against a shoulder in the housing.
you just pulled them out a little and then pushed them back in, it's
possible some corrosion interfered with a proper placement.  

Did you clean out the rust from the teeth the sensors read?

Kyle says:
Well,  my ABS problems got fixed over the weekend.  My problem was an
ABS warning light on all of the time.  Well, to begin I ohm'ed out all
four wheel sensors.  Ah ha! I found one sensor that the ohm reading on
was so erratic it was impossible to get a constant reading.  Well, in my
tracing down the system I realized that it is a WABCO ABS system on it,
which is the same system that Freightliner trucks (the dealership where
I work) use.  In a search through the ABS sensors for the A series WABCO
ABS system that we have on the shelf, I found one with the same plug.  A
quick ohm check proved my thought, it is the same ABS sensor.  $32.00
later I had a new sensor.  
However, the sensor didn't fix the problem.  My las thought was to check
all of the ABS relays in the system.  Both relays onder the hood checked
fine, but then I ran across the one under the passenger floorboard
cover.  Voila!  
This relay has a 10 amp fuse in the top of it and the fuse is blown.  My
guess is that the bad wheel sensor blew the fuse.  A new fuse and ABS
sensor on and now the ABS system works like a dream again.  Thanks for
everyone's thoughts and help.

And dambit, Keith beat me to the punch...


- Jeremy

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THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!,  To all who responded about "beating to
death the brake accumulator......." After all your input, and ideas, and
after talking to Scott at SJM AutoTechnik , (web address is
www.sjmautotechnik.com), it was discovered that the previous mechanic
(who shall remain nameless-FRANK), had not installed a small little
piston behind the "X" cap on the brake side of my hydraulic pump.  And
of course, the nameless mechanic (FRANK!), had no idea where this part
was.  But, he would be more than happy to put it back into the shop and
work on it some more.  (I don't think so!)  After finding this out,
Scott went above and beyond, and rather than selling me the new pump at
over $350, instead just sent me the piston, and O-ring kit, for a measly
$28.  What a guy!  I now have working power brakes, and it is running
Now, does anyone know why the rearend shudders going around corners at
low speed?   I don't notice it as much at high speeds, but rather just
at low speeds, and it seems worse turning to the right, rather than the
left.  Or is this just common of quattros?
Thanks again to everyone!
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