[V8] driveshaft rebuilding notes

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 22 12:46:39 EST 2005

Key is finding a driveshaft rebuilder that
a. is willing to take on the job
b. has done BMW 2 piece driveshafts

To split the driveshaft you need to heat the bolt in the middle to 
soften the thread locking compound. Match mark the shaft so as to not 
offset the two pieces and lose balancing - the two shafts are splined 
Supposedly a Porsche Carrera4 CV fits front and rear (Lobro makes the 
CVs). Any good driveshaft place can match up the ujoint based on 
dimensions (they have books for it). The carrier bearing from a BMW or 
Merced will fit. The BMW hanger needs to be cut off the new carrier. 
Remove the hanger off the old carrier and spotweld it to the new carrier.

 From old emails:

The part # for the front and rear driveshaft cv joints is 893-521-100.  The
Lobro # is C153120184020.

There have been good reports from the bimmerphiles about

  Driveline Service
  9041 N.E. Vancouver Way
  Portland, OR 97211
  FAX 1-503-289-5838

No affiliation. No personal experience with them. There may be
competent driveshaft rebuilders in your own area as well.

It really depends on whether the local shop wants to tool up. My local shop
here in SLC balances Audi drive shafts. I've had them rebuild 2 and
rebalance one. For the complete rebuild, the total was less than $300,
including balancing the shaft. Of course, I supplied the parts, so they
didn't mark them up. They just charged me for their hourly rate at about $50
per hour. This included adapting the BMW center bearing I supplied and
installing the aftermarket U-joint I supplied. 

GRS Drivelines and U-Joints
930 W 2100 S
SLC, UT 84119
(801) 972-1753

Sorry, gentlemen.  I typed wrong # of BMW part for central bearing support.  The part# is :

Buchholz, Steven wrote:

>... I don't have BTDT on the V8 propshaft, but IMO (and E on other
>quattros) the propshafts are quite rebuildable, and the job should cost
>nowhere near even $400.  You might even want to try some of the
>recyclers to see what their cost is.  That way you could rebuild one to
>swap into your car without taking it out of service ... then if you
>didn't want a propshaft cluttering the garage you could rebuild the one
>you pull and sell it (doing the second will be worlds easier than the
>first ;-) ... or sell it in its current state for someone else to
>rebuild.  You should be able to see my various postings by searching the
>Probably the biggest risk in the undertaking is finding a carrier
>bearing with the proper mounting bracket ... I guess secondarily is
>finding a source for the U-joint ... it sounds like BMW makes carrier
>bearings that are at least similar.  Unlike Audi, BMW understands that
>the part will wear and sell repair parts rather than assuming it is a
>consumable ...
>Steve B
>San Jose, CA (USA)
>>Recently had some service performed on my 1990 v8 (thanks again,
>>for the Matrix tip - they're great!) and the chirping noise I've been
>>hearing under low acceleration is the driveshaft, which needs
>>replacement. The garage quoted $1,300+ for a new one (even though Audi
>>does not show one being in the US); I did a web search and found
>>reconditioned driveshafts at around $400 + core. Does anyone have any
>>experience w/ rebuilt drive shafts/any recommendations for purchase?
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