[V8] replacement driveshaft

Keith Rollinson keith at sector550.com
Tue Mar 22 18:10:28 EST 2005

Many thanks Steve and Dave for your suggestions. Way beyond my time and
abilities to tackle myself, but I'll check out Driveline Service which
you recommended Dave - right here in Portland.

Travelling a bit these days so probably won't undergo for a couple of
weeks, but I'll post the sure-to-be-happy outcome when it happens.


> > Recently had some service performed on my 1990 v8 (thanks again,
> Jeremy,
> > for the Matrix tip - they're great!) and the chirping noise I've
> > hearing under low acceleration is the driveshaft, which needs
> > replacement. The garage quoted $1,300+ for a new one (even though
> > does not show one being in the US); I did a web search and found
> > reconditioned driveshafts at around $400 + core. Does anyone have
> > experience w/ rebuilt drive shafts/any recommendations for purchase?

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