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subhendu basu vaxdesignergc at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 22 18:12:02 EST 2005

Hi Folks
I have posted before (newbie) about the 90V8 Pearl white that I bought on ebay. The guy screwed me over good...let's just leave it at that. Long story short, I finally saw and took possession of the car for the first time last night. After giving him over $800 for repairs here's what's wrong with the car:
1. Windshield is cracked. Long vertical crack along the antenna that radiates horizontally at the bottom. Was never told about this beforehand. Quote from Safelite is $593.60. Cheaper alternatives? Need to resolve this in a hurry since my temporary registration has expired due to the delay in receiving the car and I need to pass Maryland inspection sooooon.
2. The warning light for the engine temperature comes on within 5 mins of starting the car. Temperature gauge is at approx 50 when it's on. Temp hasn't gone above 100 but really haven't driven the car far yet. Checked coolant level - coolant is full, hose to radiator is hot, therefore coolant is being circulated correct? He filled it with the generic green stuff despite me paying him to fill it with the correct red stuff.
3. Driver's side rear window rolled down now it won't go up. Need to get it up (no pun) since I live in the city and park on the street. All other window's are fine. Fix????How???
4. Sunroof doesn't work, annoying but least of my concerns right now.
I need your help with diagonses and/or someone in Baltimore I could go to, to fix these things before I take it for inspection. Looking forward to hearing from you folks and thanks in advance.

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