[V8] Euro Headlamp Connectors, Russian Catalog

Carol, Dave, and Zach Weiss cdzweiss at charter.net
Tue Mar 22 21:43:49 EST 2005

This is great!  Local MB dealer quoted under $3.00 each, and said the 6-pin
is pretty common.  It's used on headlights as well, older C- and S class in
addition to the 190E, and even Gelandewagen.  He didn't show a boot,
though-- does the block seal at the back?


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older 190E class tail lamp plug. They are plastic instead of bakelite, 
but work fine. Any of the older Mercedes use the same 'style' plug for 
the tail lamp - they won't fit (8 pin or 6 pin with ) but the female 
pins are the same. I go to the junkyard and grab them, then buy the E 
class plug from the dealer. Reason? The pins from the Merc dealer are 
like 4.00 bucks each, and the plug is like 6.00. That's 30.00 per side!
FYI - the Audi pn for the plug is supposed to be 441 972 966 - but you 
can't find them in the US...

Here's the original post - prices are out of date. The Merc dealer 
usually stocks 1. Takes 4-5 days to get the part in:

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Ok sorry I havent get back to the posts on the Euro lights I have the info
where to get
the plugs and the pins. Enough talk.
The plugs are available through mercedes benz parts
Part # 011-545-50-28        you will need 2 of these at 2.55 each .
The pins are available at MB parts also
Part # 003-545-26-26       you will need 12 of these at 2.55
each .

these are a solder type plug so you will need wire and solder and a
soldering gun
and flux
to do this or you can go to a salvage yard and get the left and the right

harnesses out of a 190E Mercedes Benz.they come with the wires already
solderd to
the pins
and the plastic plugsthat fit perfectly to the euro lamp!!!

Carol, Dave, and Zach Weiss wrote:

>I'm looking for the plugs, female pins, and boots for the 6-pin
>connections on the back of the Euro headlamps.  Anybody have a source or a
>p/n?  We put the Euros in the '93 this weekend, and w/ standard H4's and a
>130W H3 (one was burned out), it's comparable to daylight.  W/ the other
>driving light.
>BTW, elcats is acting flaky-I just get a blank page.  Is there a new trick
>to getting in?
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