[V8] Need advice and help

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 23 01:56:24 EST 2005

Ben, comments follow.

Subject: [V8] Need advice and help
> 1. Windshield is cracked. Long vertical crack along the antenna that 
> radiates horizontally at the bottom. Was never told about this beforehand. 
> Quote from Safelite is $593.60. Cheaper alternatives? Need to resolve this 
> in a hurry since my temporary registration has expired due to the delay in 
> receiving the car and I need to pass Maryland inspection sooooon.

diamondautoglass.com. They quoted me $290 in OK.

> 2. The warning light for the engine temperature comes on within 5 mins of 
> starting the car. Temperature gauge is at approx 50 when it's on. Temp 
> hasn't gone above 100 but really haven't driven the car far yet. Checked 
> coolant level - coolant is full, hose to radiator is hot, therefore 
> coolant is being circulated correct? He filled it with the generic green 
> stuff despite me paying him to fill it with the correct red stuff.

Unplug the temp sender on the front of the drivers side head, and see if it 
goes away. It sounds like it might be a Instrument cluster problem. Anyone 
help here? not sure what drives the coolant light. However, make sure the 
coolant is full. If it isn't quite, the light will blink.

> 3. Driver's side rear window rolled down now it won't go up. Need to get 
> it up (no pun) since I live in the city and park on the street. All other 
> window's are fine. Fix????How???

If it is the switch, you can get around it to get the window up. There are 
two wires that got to the motor. green and black. Ground and power. Ground 
to one and power to the other. One way goes up, the other goes down. Had to 
do this to a friends V8 with three stuck windows.


Tony Hoffman 

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