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I'm in the same boat - we're about to add minime #3 to the backseat and I need to get a big wagon... the old Taurus is soon to perish, but I don't want an SUV or Minivan... I like the Passat Wagon, but have talked to several grumbly owners in the past few years.  My sister would rather you took BOTH her dogs AND her horse than her '99 Jetta, but she's clearly not well ;)  
Perhaps the upcoming Audi Q7 will be under $30k <hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!>  
A really sweet condition '91 200TQA might get my $ since I already know what I'd be getting into... or another old Taurus wagon... I hate car payments...
The new Jetta is just plain boring.  I suspect that will hurt their sales as well - styling has long been a part of the appeal for the Jetta, and the new Hondoyotasan style is just plain blah.  I guess its fine for fleet cars and rentals...
Automobile Magazine has an interesting article in the current issue about the plunge in the quality of German cars versus their status symbolism.  It clearly is designed to not punish the latest releases (painting them as part of the turnaround) since they don't want to lose advertisers, but it does show that worldwide quality of German car brands has been down for some time.  Unlike their prices.

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> While the exchange rate hurts, the perceived quality of the 
> product also seems to hurt the Jetta and the overall VW 
> product line.

Very much so.  My perception, for instance.  I personally know two
people who have had their jetta/golf replaced under lemon law, after 2+
years of total dissatisfaction and fighting.  I know a third who used to
love his '02 Jetta GLI like the family dog, but now flat out hates it
due to constant and various service issues.

With my family going from 2 to 4 in under two years, my ongoing search
for a proper family wagon would be a no-brainer (Passat), but seeing as
100% satisfied late-model VW owners are a rare breed, I'm forced to
consider all sorts of alternatives.  Sure they're really, really great
when running, but I can't even consider one because I'm afraid I'd be
sucked in by the sweet ride, fit/finish, overall dynamics, etc. only to
be faced with a service nightmare... Though in a couple years an
off-lease phaeton might be a different story...

'54 - '96 VW fan -- you can keep the rest.

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