[V8] Need advice and help iii

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Wed Mar 23 14:17:37 EST 2005

 Hi Ben and all ..

 Had replaced the windshield in my V8.
 The front glass was common to all "Type 44's."
 Getting one with the antenna will be a point
 to consider - if anyone is utilizing this feature.

 In my case I had good luck with the installation ...
 It was a non-Audi part sourced from a manufacturer in Europe.
 It's thickness and optical quality were equal to the original.
 (Audi gasket & trim was reusable and reinstalled in my case)

 I used Triumph Glass Co.  http://www.diamondtriumphglass.com/   
 Which has locations nationally .. And does mobile installations also.
 Price installed in the North East under: $250.00 (with tax & antenna).

   High Engine Temperatures:

 * High quality long life 'green coolant' should be fine. I prefer to use in
   conjunction with distilled (de-mineralized) water at the recommended
   change intervals as well as correct thermostat replacement. 

 * There have been posts about inaccurate senders and gauges.

 * Which radiator hose was hot? There also have been posts of clogged 

 Temporary Measures:

 * Would be possible to run the aux. fan until you get the car to a shop.
 * Turn the heat on full .. And run with the windows down (if you dare!)

 * The rear window should be able to be coaxed into the up position after
    removal of the inner panel, then locked in up position with a piece wire 
    etc. (If power to the motor - will not raise it.) .. Until you find the 
  Hope your v8 experiences improve !!

 On Mar 22, 2005, at 6:12 PM, subhendu basu wrote:

> Hi Folks
> I have posted before (newbie) about the 90V8 Pearl white that I bought 
> on eBay. The guy screwed me over good...let's just leave it at that. 
> Long story short, I finally saw and took possession of the car for the 
> first time last night. After giving him over $800 for repairs here's 
> what's wrong with the car:
> 1. Windshield is cracked. > inspection sooooon.

> 2. The warning light for the engine temperature comes on within 5 mins 
> of starting the car. Temperature gauge is at approx. 50 when it's on. 
> Temp hasn't gone above 100 but really haven't driven the car far yet. 
> Checked coolant level - coolant is full, hose to radiator is hot, 
> therefore coolant is being circulated correct? He filled it with the 
> generic green stuff despite me paying him to fill it with the correct 
> red stuff.

> 3. Driver's side rear window rolled down now it won't go up. Need to 
> get it up (no pun) since I live in the city and park on the street. 
> All other window's are fine. Fix????How???
> Ben


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