[V8] Rear main seal leaking? Uh oh.....

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Thu Mar 24 09:18:52 EST 2005

> Suddenly, the timing belt looks like a simple and cheap job.  
> Suddenly, the vision of the 5 speed 4.2 was completely erased 
> from my head.

Seems a tad high on the hours estimate, especially from an original
certified etc etc.  But yours is a 4.2 model already, right?   If the
motor and trans will be out anyway, what better time to do the 5-speed
conversion?   Winter's over anyway. And I know people who know people
who have a V8 5-speed box that needs a rebuild and a new home...

Plus, a year ago I pulled my 3.6, did the heads and replaced every dang
seal in there.  It's clean, dry, runs great, and I'm swapping in a 4.2.
Of course I'm broke, but I figure I've got a good 4 years before I need
to hit the lottery to pay for the kid's school.

Lucif...  Er, I mean Dave


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