[V8] Rear main seal leaking? Uh oh.....

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Thu Mar 24 10:02:22 EST 2005

I was getting leaking on the exhaust X and it was coming from the rear
crank case breather hose, the head to head breather hose, and possibly
the vacuum hose that goes up and over the air intake at the back of the
engine (well, it was covered in oil and deteriorated, possible from the
other oil leak).

If it *is* the RMS, you should be seeing oil leaking from the bottom of
the bell housing...  I think it has been said there are holes you can
peek in and see oil if you have an RMS issue.

Original recommendation was 10qts of oil, which was dropped down to 8.25
qts.  Those who run 10 qts experience oil consumption and it puts extra
pressure on the seals (including the RMS), whereas those running 2 qts
less don't see much oil consumption...

I replaced the RMS when I had the transmission out for repair.  The
transmission shop didn't want to do it, told me if it's not leaking,
don't touch it.  BS.  If you pay 11hrs x shop rate to have the
transmission removed and reinstalled, there is no better time to do the
RMS.  IIRC it was $150 for the plate with seal already pressed in.  Some
on the list say you can get just the seal for much less and press it in
your self, but in my opinion the extra money was good insurance to
reduce the risk of future leaks from messing with it in the first place.

To clarify what you said Carter, to get to the RMS, you have to either
pull the tranny (11 hr R&R) OR the motor (10 hr R&R).  You don't have to
do both...

Good luck man, and let me know if you need the P/N for the RMS (I have
it somewhere...)


- Jeremy

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