[V8] Electric window problems

Daniel Hussey danh at s-cars.org
Fri Mar 25 12:31:36 EST 2005

I looked at it again and all the wiring looks pretty good in the driver's
side door jam from what I can see.  I don't know what to replace anyways, so
I guess I just have to find a multi-meter, and start checking continuity
between the pins where the switch plugs in to see where the problem might

BTW, I pulled out the passenger side footwell last night and found two
things that look like relays that control the windows.  One big one, and one
smaller brown one.  What do these do?  I still haven't found a good wiring
diagram and I'm not good at reading them anyways.


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> >From the "erratic the last six months", most definitely the driver door
> jamb wiring.  It's pretty difficult to find the real culprit when
> inspecting the wiring because of the large number of wires in there.  On
> 200q20v, I couldn't operate most of the windows and could only open/close
> the driver window by moving the door in and out while operating the
>  Same for the sunroof.  I replaced every wire in that harness, and most of
> them had little cracks in the insulation.
> At 05:05 PM 3/24/2005 -0800, you wrote:
> >Thanks Steve,
> >
> >Been off any Audi lists for a while since selling my S6 Avant a year and
> >half ago.  Drove my Porsche 944S2 as a daily driver for a while and my
> >beater Jeep in the winter.  I bought a 2004 Volvo V70R about about 6
> >ago, and that's been just awsome.  Closest thing to an old Audi isn't an
> >Audi anymore.
> >
> >But, back to the window problem...  I just went down and both switches
> >function perfectly fine.  I tested them by plugging them into the
> >side window plug and the driver's side window went up and down fine with
> >both switches (the one pulled from the driver's side cluster and the
> >passenger side).  So, there's definately something else amis here.  I
> >have anything to test continuity between circuits or even how to do that
> >I could, but seems like one half or that whole thing isn't getting power
> >some reason.  Any ideas where I need to be looking next??
> >
> >The previous owner says it was erradic for the last six months.  But, I
> >went down there and now I can't get it to go up OR down!  Before it would
> >down, but just not back up.  I've checked all the wiring in the door jams
> >(where I know they often get kinked and break), and I've tested the
> >regulator which seems to be working fine.
> >
> >What am I missing here?  Is there no relay or anything else that could be
> >causing the problem???
> >
> >Later,
> >Dan
> >
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> >
> >
> >> Hey there Dan!  Been a long time ...
> >>
> >> The V8 isn't any different from any other T44 in the operation of the
> >> window switches.  It is a very interesting method that is used to
> >> provide "ganging" of the switches and rear door lockout ... basically
> >> the two wires fed from one switch to the next are both nominally at 12
> >> volts, the switch grounds one or the other to activate the motor in one
> >> direction or the other.  If you can make the window go one way and not
> >> the other it implies that only one leg of the DPDT is sending 12v from
> >> the switch on the drivers door.  There are no other relays in the
> >> circuit to any window other than the driver's door ... it is all done
> >> through switches ... and from your description I would suspect that it
> >> is the switch in the driver's door armrest that is the culprit.  One
> >> other thing to keep in mind is that even a new switch can be faulty, so
> >> there's some chance you swapped a bad switch with another bad switch
> >> and it is the one in the passenger's door.
> >>
> >> Steve B
> >> San Jose, CA (USA)
> >> >
> >> > Hi...   I am having a problem with a 1993 V8 Quattro.
> >> >
> >> > Passenger side window will go down, but not up.  Has the same
> >> > symptom from both driver's side switch and switch on
> >> > passenger side.  I pulled the switch on the pass side and
> >> > replaced it with a known good switch.  Still wouldn't work.
> >> > So, I looked at the wiring in both the passenger side and
> >> > driver's side door jams and they all appear to be fine (no
> >> > visible breaks).  So, then I pulled the door panel and pulled
> >> > the window regulator loose.  I was able to reverse the green
> >> > and black wires to the window regulator (which switches the
> >> > polarity and the direction of the motor) and was able to get
> >> > the window back up, but still not sure what is causing the
> >> > window to go down, but not back up.
> >> >
> >> > I'm thinking there must be a relay or something that isn't
> >> > working properly.  I also heard someone say that if the
> >> > driver's side window switch isn't functioning, the passenger
> >> > switch won't either?  Is this correct?  If that's true, Audi
> >> > must have put team door handle in charge of wiring for this car.
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