[V8] Fuel Tank Leak (Happy freaking Easter)

DieMarthaDie at aol.com DieMarthaDie at aol.com
Sat Mar 26 16:01:49 EST 2005

So... two days ago I smelled fuel near the back of the car.  I though I was a 
bit sloppy with the fillup or maybe it was someone else's car.  Smelled it 
yesterday and logged it as something to look at before driving around again... 
Looked this morning and found a puddle under the center mufflers (I have 2 
glasspacks instead of the one audi unit) - then I watched it drip... and drip some 
more...  looks like a set of 4 small perfs on the face of the fuel tank over 
the muffler area to the drivers side of the car.  IF that's all that is perf'd 
I assume I can try to seal it with some kind of patch, but I don't think I 
REALLY want to do that as anything more than a VERY temporary solution.  If it 
is perfing now, I have to assume it will continue to do so in another area in 
the near future... It doesn't look dented, as though something smacked into it.

Looking for advice on BTDT for removal of the fuel tank.  Does the rear have 
to come out or anything majorly complicated?  I was already going to pull the 
spare tire well out since it's chewed up in a few places and I have a clean 
replacement to put in.  With that out, I imagine that improves access to the 
tank...  No R&R instructions in Bentley that I can find.  The ETKA makes it look 
like 4 bolts hold in the tank, but of course it doesn't show all the stuff 
that's in the way ;)

And, assuming the tank is coming out, should I go to the expense of replacing 
the pump, filter and older lines to avoid any additional failures when 
finished?  Assuming that this tank has some degree of sludge in the bottom, it's 
probably got some in those units too.

Since this leak is right above those nice cool mufflers, I don't want to run 
the car at all until I fix this, so quick advice and solutions would be MOST 
appreciated :)

Couldn't the damn bunny have just left me eggs this year?!

Happy Easter :)

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