[V8] RE: thinking about an A8...

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Sat Mar 26 16:09:32 EST 2005

Having just recently sold my 1993 V8 and in the process of VWS...(V8
Withdrawal Syndrome), I have some definite ideas about buying a V8 instead
of an A8.  Some of them not particularly valid, but here are some.

First of all, if you can stand the "neo Japanese" shape of just about
everything automotive, then I guess an A8 wouldn't be too bad to have
around.  But I prefer the understated simplicity of the V8 to any sedan
produced since.  

Secondly, the V8, while complex, is relatively simple compared to the modern
electronics and engine management system in the A8.  It is true that a V8
will probably require a fair amount to bring it up to specs and for it to be
the real joy that it is, but for really small dollars a relatively good
specimen can be bought, and for what the A8 would cost to begin with, it is
possible to buy a decent V8 and make it "whole".

Once that "making whole" part is done, the V8 is considerably older than the
A8, and the insurance premiums and excise taxes will reflect that

I have ridden in an A8 once, and it is lovely.  BUT, I prefer the rather
more...ah, masculine feel of the V8.  It is sort of like the difference
between the Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 and the Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 that replaced
it:  I prefer the earlier car both in looks and in ride and handling.
(Either one will bankrupt the owner, of course, but that is a different

Perhaps others have more information about the reliability of the early A8s,
but as from my experience with the '90 V8 I owned, and then later on, the
'93 that I owned, I would suspect that it takes Audi a few years to get it
all down right, and it could well be that a later year A8 would be a better

I need to include this little disclaimer:  I have recently been having a
wicked fascinations with the concept of having an S8...but I find if I lie
down for a few minutes it seems to pass....


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