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Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
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Nope!  I've taken the cure.  The last time I did this was last September and
we ended up with a Porsche 928S4.  To make matters MUCH worse, the car is a
very handsome brown with a very light interior that my wife just swoons when
she thinks about it.  She has OFFICIALLY declared that this Porsche is HER


And she has further decried that if I want to have a 928, I should go out
and find one of my own.


I guess this is called enjoying my children's inheritance.  


Sometime as early as late next week, my "new" daily driver is going to go
onto the road.  It is a 1991 20-valve Avant that will have had all the
little kinks taken out of it, save for the few little things on the body
that are yet to be worked on by the body guy.  That car is black with gray
leather, and once it is repainted and the roof racks removed, it'll be
SHARP.  Good for another gazillion miles.


Maybe later there will be a new driver..if there is, I doubt that it will be
an S8 as I am not sure that I want another sedan.  The utility of a wagon is
hard to ignore..I have had some thoughts about an allroad V8, though...




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Here Ya Go :)


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Stop thinking and bid... what's the worst that could happen?  ;) 




PS - The preceeding message was brought to you by your friendly neighborhood
audifans... we live to see others suffer too :)

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