[V8] Oil Change woes!!! Filter stuck!

Carol, Dave, and Zach Weiss cdzweiss at charter.net
Sun Mar 27 11:16:22 EST 2005

>>I am thinking that if I get everything off of it that when the inner
part is exposed if I yank that out "its loose and fried" that all that
will be left is that upper seal peice. Now I know on my current filter
that I have to replace it with there is 4 holes
http://home.comcast.net/~slicerdicer/filter.jpg if you look at that
picture you will see them. I am wondering if there is any kind of thing
I can attach to those holes to crank that thing out? I will more than
likely need to attach it to a extender pole on a breaker of some form to
break it free.<<
If you get down to the end plate of the filter, you might be able to break
it loose be driving it with a drift punch or big screwdriver.  Failing that,
a welding shop could make up a wrench; if the filter that's on the car has
the same hole pattern, the new filter would be a pattern.  You'd have to
clear the nipple that goes through the filter while it's on the car.  If
they weld it around a bolt you could put a socket on it w/ an extension, or
they could make it long enough and put on a tee handle.
If you have a heavy vise, a big hammer, a hack saw, a power drill, and a
file or Dremel, you might make something like that yourself with 1/8" mild
steel from the hardware store.  Start with some 3/4" wide, and bend two
pieces that each would form half the wrench-- each half would be an ell with
ears.  Bolt the halves together.  File the ends to fit in two of the holes
in the filter, with the tabs just long enough to go through the end plate of
the filter.  Turn the contraption with big vise-grips.  This would take some
fiddling with to get the lengths appropriate so it's not too springy at the
filter end but gets in where you need it. Poor ascii art follows:
-------|   |------- engine
       |   |
- -----|   |----- - filter
       |   |
 |               |  cut/file to fit in holes of filter
 |               |
 |------| |------|
        | |
        | |
       |---| bolt
        | |
        | |
        | |
        | |
        | |
        | |
       |---| bolt
        | |
        | |
        | |  Vise-Grips
        | |
Good luck!

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