[V8] Oil Change woes!!! Filter stuck!

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at comcast.net
Mon Mar 28 01:20:20 EST 2005

Dont worry mate. I got some pictures coming of some real deal southern
texas engineering. I got a home made wrench no vice needed this thing is
incredible! I should patent this LOL!!!

Anyway its perfect to do this and I am highly confident it will work I
have been hacksawing metal and drilling it. Also I got a oil filter on
crack, I will show you what it looks like normal then on Crack!

But yep I think I got this filter under control I figured I would need
to make some home made device.

Greg Furstenwerth
93 V8 Q
North Bend, WA

Tony and Lillie wrote:

> Greg,
> The other possability is to pull the housing that the filter screws
> to. I have pulled it, and it's pretty simple. Not sure how hard it is
> on the car, though. I think it was three bolts, 6 or 8mm allen IIRC.
> Mine was pulled out of the parts car already.
> Tony Hoffman
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>> Well that did not work with the screwdiver it is totally busted whoever
>> put this thing on was a retard. I dont even think a lube place could get
>> this off :/ 

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