[V8] Re: A8 vs V8

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 28 08:30:44 EST 2005

Robert Rossato wrote:
> I assume Kent was referring to the rear diff, which was a torsen on the
> V8's and open diff with EDL on the A8's.  As I recall, while the center
> diff on the V8's with manual was indeed a Torsen, those with an
> automatic had an electronically controlled center diff.  

Well, I was trying to keep it simple, but because there
are 3 diffs, I should have been more specific.  From
Ti Kan's web site (http://www.amb.org/ti/), here are the
differences between the quattro Gen III and Gen IV, as
they apply to the V8/A8:

Generation III (1990-94 Audi V8):
Open front differential,
Planetary gear center with electronically-controlled multi-plate
locking clutch (Torsen center differential with manual-transmission),
and Torsen rear differential

Generation IV 1996-curr (A8, S8):
Open front differential with EDL,
Torsen center differential,
Open rear differential with EDL.

Kent McLean
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