[V8] Fire Damage Repair

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Sounds like you may have cooked the harness for the transmission creatin a 
short. Putting a higher amp fuse most likely made things worse, allowing 
damage to the TCU. I would start at the driverside of the transmision where 
the multi switch is located and go from there
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I had a small undercoating fire caused by the DS catalytic converter
overheating on my 1990 V8.  The flames were on the DS above the
transmission and came up the trans tunnel through engine compartment

I was able to pull the codes from the engine and found/replaced a faulty
O2 Sensor.

Now the engine runs fine but the trans is in limp mode without any
lights around the PRN321.

VAG-COM wouldn't connect to the Trans, I checked the 10A fuse and it was
blown.  I replaced it with the only one I had (30A) and I heard a
clicking coming from the drivers side dash area, I thought I would see
if I could get the VAG-COM to connect but before it connected the
clicking stopped and it would not connect.

Any ideas what I blew under the drivers side dash?

Also, when I had the car up on jack stands to change the O2 sensor I was
able to see a group of wires connected some where above the selector

Anybody have any Idea what these are and how to remove them?  I believe
that they are the only electrical that may have been damaged in the



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