[V8] alternator whine

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Mon Mar 28 15:42:36 EST 2005


Just from experience, sounds like your whine may not be alternator at all,
but possibly air cond. compressor clutch seizing up.  Has the weather been
warmer?  Next time this happens, shut off the climate control and see what
happens.  In my case eventual catastrophic failure of the compressor and/or
clutch shredded my access belt to the point it forced me to cut it off and
get it to the shop ASAP.

Good Luck.


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> Fellow V8 listers,
> Since last I talked, my mechanic replaced the faulty alternator.  For over
> month everything has been fine.  However, last week I started getting a
> whine under my hood. Also dashboard lights, get dimmer.  Whine lasts about
> minute and everything returns to normal.  Whine doesn't increase pitch
> acceleration.  It's constant.  Doesn't happen every day but seems to
> with more electrical load.  Strange though - I'm not getting the dim
> Alt/Brake/Cat light.
> I don't have a problem since the alternator was replaced and this one is
> under warranty.  I don't know why an alternator would go so badly so soon.
> I do have the problem of the steering rack leaking pretty badly under left
> side at the firewall.  Could the alternator have gotten gunked up with
> hydraulic fluid?
> Steve Kramer
> 1990 V8q
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