[V8] Oil Change woes!!! Filter stuck!

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at comcast.net
Mon Mar 28 23:19:17 EST 2005

you know I dont really know about the filter coming out from the
adapter. If it did its way to much work to take everything apart I dont
have that kind of tools. I guess I could get them if I had to but I dont
know. And then where could I get the adapter to replace it if I did
manage to get it off?

Ontop of that I cant get my hands on a torch I dont think I will have to
speak with dan hussey and see if he can get one.  Thanks for the ideas I
sure hope I can get this thing off this way. If I have to get to the
adapter if there is even one I have to get past the alternator taking
that off and who knows what else.

Greg Furstenwerth
93 V8 Q
North Bend, WA

Kent McLean wrote:

> Greg Furstenwerth wrote:
>> Ok I just have to ask this due to the fact I had my tool welded and I
>> broke the welds trying to take off the filter. I think it was cranking
>> 600-900 pounds of pressure on that @#*$%#. 
> I suspect someone put the oil filter on without lubing the gasket.
> Then a long interval between oil changes and heat from the engine
> causes the rubber gasket to bake onto the mating surface.  But
> your filter seems *way* to stuck.  Counterclockwise is the right
> direction.
> You might try hitting the portion that threads into the engine
> with a torch, get it good and hot, and try again with your tool.
> Another thought: My '89 200 had an adapter into which the oil
> cooler lines and oil filter attached, with the adapter bolted
> to the engine block.  Does the V8 filter thread into an adapter?
> If so, maybe you can pry the remains of the oil filter out of
> the way, unbolt the adapter, then have at it on the workbench
> (or just replace the adapter).
> -- 
> Kent McLean
> '94 100 S Avant, "Moody"
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" up in smoke
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