[V8] Fire Damage Repair

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 29 00:04:36 EST 2005


I had to replace the selector switch on our V8, and am pretty familliar with 
that area. It sounds like the heat may have melted the wires, melted the 
plastic, or cracked a contact inside the switch. Either way, I'd pull it and 
inspect everything in that area. If you need a new switch, I got mine from 
audiconnection.com for a pretty good price. You also have to line it up with 
the actaul shifter when you are done. It just takes a little hit and miss, 
maybe 15 min or so. If you don't say hello to limp mode again. And yes, the 
higher amperage fuse sounds like it was a bad Idea. If you fried your TCU, 
this isn't good :(

Tony Hoffman

Subject: Re: [V8] Fire Damage Repair

> Sounds like you may have cooked the harness for the transmission creatin a 
> short. Putting a higher amp fuse most likely made things worse, allowing 
> damage to the TCU. I would start at the driverside of the transmision 
> where the multi switch is located and go from there
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> Subject: [V8] Fire Damage Repair
> Now the engine runs fine but the trans is in limp mode without any
> lights around the PRN321.
> VAG-COM wouldn't connect to the Trans, I checked the 10A fuse and it was
> blown.  I replaced it with the only one I had (30A) and I heard a
> clicking coming from the drivers side dash area, I thought I would see
> if I could get the VAG-COM to connect but before it connected the
> clicking stopped and it would not connect. 

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