[V8] Oil Change woes!!! Filter stuck!

diemarthadie at aol.com diemarthadie at aol.com
Tue Mar 29 11:48:37 EST 2005

If it makes you feel any better Greg, I went through this with a filter a couple weeks ago.  It was on the car for 3 days - had been lubed and HAND tightened, was not cross-threaded, and was a Mahle filter.  Had to use a socket and a 3ft bar to break it loose, torqued the can but didn't have your split problem.  The guy that helps me with the car called me a wimp, then came over and tried it... and apologized ;)  I have no idea why or how it developed a death grip, but you're not alone in this - I feel your pain.
I wouldn't have even known it was so bad but I had to remove the filter to replace the starter a few days after doing the oil change.  Its a damn good thing that V8s are fun to drive, cause they can sure suck to fix!
But isn't it fun learning to curse in German?
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I dont know man in colorado the local lube joint hired retards
litterally that would forget to put in drain plugs and things like this
and send people off to fry there engine with no oil! This is not a joke
either I have seen it.

As for the rubber gasket I dont know how I would get to it you saw what
space I had to work with. Would silicone spray be bad for the engine to
have sprayed there like that? I dont even know if I could get the
silicone spray up there I would love to be able to get to the gasket and
yank that thing out of there... I can tell you for a fact the guy who is
helping me is not a idiot. And handing the keys over you dont know who
is going to work on it in the garage. Eitherway its neither here nor
there, the problem lays as it does and I need to get it sorted.

Thanks for the advice on using the silicone spray I just dont know if
its possible and picking at it with a pick does not seem possible.

Greg Furstenwerth
93 V8 Q
North Bend, WA

cobram at juno.com wrote:

>Change your thinking on this one, and you might find a better solution. 
>What's holding the filter on?  It's not just the central threads, but the
>rubber washer, somebody probably put it on without wetting it down with
>oil first, and put a little too much torque on it, thanks to the nut
>underneath it...was the guy a "retard" as you put it, I doubt it, but
>whose more to blame, the guy you KNOW is probably an idiot, or the guy
>who hands his keys over to one?
>Work on the rubber gasket, if you can get to it through the holes, pick
>at it with a pick, and pickle it in silicone spray.  You want to get the
>silicone to penetrate the gasket so that it'll break it's death grip. 
>You might be able to get a small saw in there and hack away at the
>gasket, being careful of course.  No such thing as a reverse thread on an
>oil filter, that would be r.......
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