[V8] Fire Damage Repair

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 30 00:16:59 EST 2005

Subject: RE: [V8] Fire Damage Repair

Hi, and thanks for all the replies

I'm not sure what you mean by Dizzy seals and VC gaskets?

Also, is there a way to get to the wiring without dropping the
transmission?  If not how hard and time consuming is it to drop?


Yes, you can replace the switch without removing the trans completely. Just 
pull the drivers side mount, and you can get it. YOu may also have to remove 
the front engine mount bolt from the top. Mine was gone when I got the car. 
THe switch itself is held on by two or three 5mm bolts. I also pulled the 
x-pipe. It is the piece of pipe that goes from the manifolds to the cats. I 
think I pulled it with the cats, if I recall correctly. I knew virtually 
nothing about the V8 at this time, and it took me about six or so hours.

As Kent said, the dizzy seals are distributor seals. There is one from the 
distributor (dizzy) housing to the block, and one from the distributor to 
the housing. There are two dizzys, so that's a total of four. Those and the 
VC gaskets are about the only things I know about that can leak onto the 
cats, aside from something working it's way back there. Oil pan gaskets and 
crank seals/oil pump seals are the first things that come to mind. Clean the 
engine well, and go from there if you can't find anything obvious.

Tony Hoffman 

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