[V8] Wheel Fitment

Enzeder enzeder at comcast.net
Wed Mar 30 16:00:34 EST 2005

I thought the 17" V8 A6 wheels were ET35...

At 08:53 AM 3/30/2005, S_Matus wrote:
>I have been running 2000 A6 4.2 wheels on my V8.  The only thing is that I 
>still have UFOs.  I have no clearance problems at all.
>My wheels are 17x8 ET-45 with 255/40 Hankooks.
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>So, without too much ado - a simple YES or NO will do
>on a 1990 V8 with G60s and stock suspension...
>will these fit (and turn too, you smartasses): 18x8 rims with 38mm
>and if I swap to H&R with Koni suspension will the slight drop prevent
>these from fitting?
><here endeth the request>
>Thanks :)

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