[V8] Oil Change woes!!! Filter stuck!

Matthew Yip mgyip at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 23:19:23 EST 2005

Craftsman also makes a breaker bar/1/2" rachet combination that's
great for breaking things loose and then fliping the head over and
using the bar as a "speeder wrench".  

I had a similar issue with the oil filter on an '84 GTi although the
filter (being shorter) remained mostly intact.  I ended up using a
strap-type filter wrench and the aforementioned breaker bar/1/2"
rachet combo and a 3' helper bar to get the damn thing loose.


--- "Korn, Bob" <Bob.Korn at Fike.com> wrote:
> A 1/2" breaker bar should provide significantly more torque, get
> the
> biggest 1/2" Craftsman from your local sears store and give it a
> try.
> If you break it, just take it back and they will replace, of
> course,
> don't mention the 6 foot pipe you had over the end of it..........
> ;-)

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