[V8] Re: cold weather killing gas mileage (AHA!!!)

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon May 2 18:25:19 EDT 2005

As much as I'd like to agree with teh "theory", I've never seen a car that 
warms up the same when it's 40 below and it's driven on the highway. The 
theory of the thermostat is that it should keep the engine at the same 
opperating temp all the time. That doesn't hold true in cold weather, 
though. I worked at a repair shop for 3 1/2 years, never saw it. I also 
worked at at dealership from '95-'98, and even brand new cars (Audi's, 
Subie's, Jeeps, etc) didn't warm up the same on the highway.

I'm really hoping someone out there can explain why this is, because I have 
no technical explination of this at all. It has never made sense to me, but 
I know it to be true.


Tony Hoffman

Oh, and the valve is for bleeding the air out of the system when the block 
is drained.

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I too run below optimal in the winter unless there's a good long
warmup and then as soon as I start pushing a lot of air through the
nose, it cools off again.
I installed my thermostat and am 99% positive that I put it in
correctly in regard to flow and with the little valve at the top.

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