[V8] Fuel pump tool

pdlord at talent.com.au pdlord at talent.com.au
Mon May 2 20:05:54 EDT 2005

Okay, last night got into the boot to see what goes on with the fuel tank, pump 
etc. Thanks to some excellent tips on audifans on this procedure, it was really 
easy. The fuel line on the inside of the fuel gauge sender plate did not like 
coming off (eventually got it), but that was the only problem.

But I could not remove the pump. It is sitting in about 1-2 inches of fuel 
(above it) so I used a washing up glove. I could rotate the pump in 
its 'tripod' cradle, but not swivel the whole assembly on the indented 'wall' 
around the pump, which seems to be where you need to dislodge the assembly. My 
gloved hand kept slipping - I just couldn't get a sure purchase in the slot 
section to twist it enough. Some of you guys said you used 'gloves' I am 
assuming the use of plural was a mistake. How do you get both hands in there?

I also found a rubber o-ring attached to the fuel line where it attached ton 
top of the fuel sender plate (so it has a bolt, two washers and this o-ring.)

Is it necessary (it broke) and where does it fit in the assembly?

I'm going to try one more time with less fuel in the tank (I have to wait for 
some more parts to arrive anyway - I have the 43mm pump replacement so need the 
sleeve and new fuel line).

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