[V8] Another fuel pump question

pdlord at talent.com.au pdlord at talent.com.au
Wed May 4 00:37:47 EDT 2005

Sorry to go over this again but I have one stumbling block with my fuel pump 
replacement. My chassis no is 70,000 past the change point for the modified (ie 
43mm pump in basket) but it definitely has the dome fitting above the pump (the 
check valve?) and I think it has the banjo fitting connection going into the 
pump. It is hard to measure in situ (I will try again tonight to get the pump 
out - it isn't coming out willingly), but just by looking at seems to be the 
63mm pump. 

Can anyone verify if it is only the 63mm pump that has this check valve sitting 
on top of the pump?

I am about to order the new line and sleeve to fit my new 43mm pump, but just 
want to double check before I do. Because I have to order my parts from the UK 
and it takes two weeks, I want to make sure it's right. It's expensive and a 
pain to return parts!

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