[V8] viscous fan removal

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Wed May 4 14:32:36 EDT 2005

1. Its reverse threaded.
2. There are 2 holes in the pulley where a 'pin spanner' is used to hold 
it while you break torque. Some people have had success using drill bits 
in the hole and a screwdriver to hole the pully.
3. The factory wrench is a very thin design to aid in this.
4. Once you losen it, remove the shroud bolts and take both out together 
or your swearing will reach a fever pitch...

Dustin Carter wrote:

>Hi all,
>What’s the trick to removing the viscous fan?  No matter how much force I apply, I can’t seem to get that nut to break free.  I thought maybe I was turning it the wrong way, but changing directions didn’t make a bit of difference.  Any ideas?

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