[V8] Sun Visor

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Wed May 4 15:27:14 EDT 2005

Embarrassed?  Don't be!  This is a very common issue with the Type 44
... and one I'm living with on #344.  Yes, it is a situation where team
door handle did their best ... there's a spring metal clip molded into
the visor and the rod the visor pivots on has an index flat which is
supposed to hold the visor up into the well in the headliner.  The
design works great until the clip breaks, at which point there is not
enough clamping force to hold the visor in the stowed position.  I
hacked into the visors on my 5kCSQ Avant years ago to discover the root
cause ... and on that car I fashioned a screw with a couple washers to
pinch the visor on the pivot rod ... doesn't look great, but it works.  

>From my experience I'd say that you can make the clip last longer by
never using the visors ... yes, I know ... then why are they there?!
I'm pretty sure that using the visors to hold up sunshades have hastened
the failures I've experienced ... so on #2 I have a sun shade with a
spring frame which is light and I can slip it under the visor without
moving it from the stowed position ... 

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> I'm kind of embarassed to even ask this but here goes. My sun visor on
> drivers side is drooping. Is this normally held all the way up by a
> or what. I know this is not exactly a stuck oil filter but it's kind
> making me nuts. Any experience with this? Thanks, Bill

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