[V8] More rear brakes...

urq urq at pacbell.net
Thu May 5 01:34:53 EDT 2005

Yes, they will self adjust.

The last step for me after any brake pad R&R is after the car is buttoned 
back up I hop in the driver's seat and depress the brake a few times until 
the brakes firm back up (no real need to start the engine to provide boost 
IMO).  The first one or few times you depress the pedal it will sink down 
considerably ... just release the pedal and press again.  Eventually the 
pistons will close the gap and the pedal will become firm.

For the rear brakes the automatic adjusters for the emergency function are 
ratcheted by the use of the e-brake ... so when I do the rear pads I'll also 
cycle the e-brake on and off a few times ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

>I also have a question about rear brakes....it just so happens that I'm 
>changing the pads.
> I am starting off with calipers that have had their pistons returned 
> inwards to their 'starting' position (a good used replacement set....I 
> think that the original calipers were not moving as freely as one would 
> expect)  When I reassembled the brakes using the new pads, there was still 
> some degree of 'free play'.  I have not yet touched the brake pedal.
> My question is:  Will the rear calipers/pistons immediately accomodate by 
> moving inwards (let's say at least an eigth of an inch) to the new brake 
> pad thickness when I finally stand on the brakes OR do I need to manually 
> readjust the pistons outwards (if that's even possible) until there is 
> virtually no 'play' there?

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