[V8] First Aid Kits - Pictures of OEM & Aftermarket

daves745t at optonline.net daves745t at optonline.net
Fri May 6 22:55:43 EDT 2005

Hey Gang - 
I finally got some pics of the first aid kit, that should be filling the void in our deprived US models! Both the OEM kit, as well as an Aftermarket kit.  It is my understanding that the Aftermarket kit in the pictures is missing the scissors, but that they are normally part of all first aid kits. 

For those who might be intersted, I think the Aftermarket Kit is going to be somewhere $30-35 range and the OEM would be in the $45-50 range plus shipping from within the US. The shipping from Germany is built into the cost. Let me know.

The OEM kits are apparently quite difficult to come by. 


PS - The Volvo Wagon in the other album is what I'm selling as a result of the V8Q. She's been a great, though - another sleeper ;)

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