[V8] Valve or Timing Belt Rattle?

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Mon May 9 07:23:06 EDT 2005

1. V8s have hydraulic lifters - no adjustment.
2. Did you or your mechanic follow the timing belt adjustment procedure 
for setting the belt tension? It's specific!
3. Could be an undertorqued cam pulley, a bad oil pump drive bearing, 
roller/tensioner bearing, timing belt tight/loose out of spec.
4. The belt can be inspected by removing the driver's side cover (after 
removing the electric fan).

daves745t at optonline.net wrote:

>First off - thanks Kneale for the Hood release tip - what a PITA!
>The reason I was trying to pop the hood was to further diagnose a rattle I'm hearing on the right side only - 99% sure it's originating from the valve cover.  I just had the timing belt and all the stuff listed on AudiConnection's site changed a couple of months/several hundred miles ago belts, bearings, pumps - the works. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a very slight 'ticking' that could only be heard with the hood up and listening closely.  I thought it was a slight valve slap - and honestly wasn't sure whether it was there even before the timing belt was replaced.  In any event, it has now progressed to where it's definitely more noticeable and sounds like more than one. 
>I was thinking that it needed a valve adjustment and Googled it, and somehow stumbled on the Timing Belt Rattle issue. Does the V8 ever need its valves manually adjusted (I couldn't find anything about it)? Someone mentioned a 'tension adjuster screw', 'plastic friction block' (are they the same?) and/or various bearings. Is there a way to determine or eliminate any possible culprits?
>Finally - how concerned should I be about driving her?  Last thing I'd need is to have a some major internal snafu after just sinking a couple of grand into her for the sole purpose of that not happening!
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